Fighting Addiction with Medication-Assisted Therapy by Blessingway Behavioral

Substance abuse has become one of the common concerns of today’s time. Most young individuals are indulging into daily consumption of illegal drugs. One of the reasons why this issue has arisen is because there are certain groups which are involved in illegal drug distribution; they make all types of drugs readily available in places the youth enjoy going to. Apart from illegal drugs being in reach, the influence of social circle is one of the major cause of starting drug usage.

With the increase in a number of patients suffering from drugs abuse, medical professionals have developed multiple therapies and medications that can help addicts in withdrawal. Some patients benefit from counseling, for some medications are helpful. Professionals dealing with drug withdrawal treatments alter each method to cater individual needs of the patient. One of the successful treatments is Fighting Addiction with Medication-Assisted Therapy by blessing way Behavioral which is widely used by doctors in recovery centers. Let’s understand what Medication-Assisted Therapy is:

What Is Medication-Assisted Therapy?

Treating substance abuse becomes more effective when medication is accompanied with therapies. Under Medication-Assisted Therapy, the doctor combines medication with appropriate behavior therapy. Any patient with drug addiction will be treated with specific medicines that are approved by the Food and Drugs Association, along with counseling. This approach addresses the medical requirements of the body as well as helps in building up behavior by curing the issue mentally.

Is Medication-Assisted Therapy effective?

Medication-Assisted therapy focuses on medical as well as the mental condition of the addict. After the successful treatment, the patient not only becomes independent but also experience a shift in behavior. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has noticed the impact of Medication-Assisted therapy. According to them, the results of the therapy are:

  • Increased retention in treatment
  • Improved patient survival
  • Helped pregnant females to withdraw substance addiction
  • Increased resilience in behavior
  • Reduced illegal drug usage
  • Helped patients to start employment
  • Reduced criminal activity

Which Type of Medicines Are Used for Fighting Addiction with Medication-Assisted Therapy by blessingway Behavioral

Medicines are prescribed based on the type of drug the patient is addicted to. Some medicines are used to control the side effects of withdrawal and some to decrease the urge of the drug. Patients addicted to alcohol may be prescribed with Acamprosate, naltrexone, and Disulfiram.

Buprenorphine naltrexone and methadone are few of the most common medicines prescribed to an addict of an opioid such as codeine, morphine, and heroin.

Duration of Medication-Assisted Therapy?

The duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of the addiction as well as the cooperation of the patient. If the patient is determined to the withdrawal of addiction, then they will take medication on time and visit the doctor for all the therapy sessions. The doctor plans out the duration of the treatment and stops the medication when the patients become stable and can handle the urge of drug usage.

Blessings Way Behavioral Health Community Development Corporation help patients recover from all types of addictions and mental illness. Whether the addiction is of illegal drugs or prescribed medicines, there still is a chance to Fighting Addiction with Medication-Assisted Therapy by blessing way Behavioral. If you or anyone in your family is looking forward to withdrawing drug addiction the Blessing Way Behavioral center is the place you should consider.


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