Examples Of Persuasive Texts, So You Can Convince All Your Readers

It is said that the best way to learn how to write is by reading. And if you want to understand how to convince your readers with your ideas. These examples of persuasive texts could give you a clear idea of how you could approach a topic to achieve your goal.

Among the different examples of persuasive texts are argumentative, advertising, scientific, and opinion texts, and although they all have the same objective, they do not all seek to achieve it in the same way.

Discover their differences!

Argumentative Texts:

One of the first examples of persuasive texts we have to list is argumentative texts, which have existed for hundreds of years (they date back to the origins of politics). And seek to convince people about a specific topic by means of words.

Argumentative texts are typical examples of persuasive texts since they present resources, justifications. And allegations with the main objective of persuading the reader about a certain point of view.

Argumentative texts focus on a usually polemic topic: bullfighting, over time, takes a clear position in favor. Or against that situation and then goes on to defend it through a series of multiple reasons, to persuade or dissuade the receiver until they think as they do. This is why it is one of the great examples of persuasive texts that exist.

The General Structure Of An Argumentative Text Consists Of:


You present the issue you will deal with throughout the text and the position you will take and defend throughout the article.


These are the arguments you have elaborated to defend your position. And can be considered the heart of this persuasive text example.


The final part of this type of persuasive text examples, where you will retake the central thesis. Based on the arguments developed during the text, to reconfirm your original position, now justified.

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This type of order when presenting your ideas to persuade others could also help you in other situations such as negotiations. But you can always search a little more about the best persuasion techniques in important conversations.

Scientific Texts:

Scientific texts are also part of the examples of persuasive texts that exist. Through them, researchers seek to convince the scientific community about the integrity of the results. And findings that they compiled through research, which would be a contribution or novelty for the topic to be addressed.

These examples of persuasive texts move away from words, so important in argumentative texts. And support their ideas through logical, demonstrable. And evident arguments, which generates that their quality of persuasive texts completely based on rationality.

Unlike other examples of persuasive texts, scientific texts do not rely on subjective ideas but have a robust bibliography, which demonstrates a well-founded position. Even if the research is to communicate a new contribution or discovery. The knowledge always adds up in scientific texts and is not born individually.

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Advertising Copy:

Advertising texts would possibly be the first examples of persuasive texts that would come to your mind since we constantly live with them. Among these types of texts, you can find promotional texts, advertisements, spots. And ads that promote the consumption of certain products or that invite you to act in a certain way.

These examples of persuasive texts characterize by expressing a problem of the public and offering a possible solution through a service or product. Which usually refers to the brand that is disclosing, and that is shown as the best for the consumer.

In this type of persuasive text example, neither rhetoric nor logic is used anymore. In this type of persuasive communication. A detailed description of the product used, sometimes including features that are not proper of the product. Or showing positive consequences of the use, which are unlikely to achieve.

Nevertheless, advertising copy is very important in today’s society. Especially for companies that want to generate ads that attract the desired audience. 

Texts For Public Campaigns:

These types of examples of persuasive texts always have the same goal: to modify the behavior of a group of people.

For example, through these examples of persuasive texts, public organizations can try to disseminate initiatives with which they intend to improve citizens’ quality of life by modifying their social behavior. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, these types of persuasive texts could found everywhere. With public campaigns that sought to promote handwashing, the use of face masks. Or the minimum distance of two meters from other people. All under the persuasive message that these actions could prevent the spread of the virus.

But, this type of example of persuasive texts can also use in other social contexts. Such as political campaigns, where candidates use persuasive messages to convince their followers to vote for them and not for other people.

The texts for public campaigns are more similar to advertising texts since they are not always based on logic. In many opportunities, they aim at emotionality to persuade the masses.

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Editorial or Opinion Texts:

This type of persuasive text example is also part of the journalistic genre and is the only area of journalism where writers have the right to express their opinion on a current issue under their interpretations and personal analysis.

Like other persuasive text examples, editorial or opinion pieces seek to influence the reader. Returning to the principles of argumentative and scientific literature, editorials and opinion pieces contain arguments. But such arguments found on subjective views and personal opinions.

Anyone can write an opinion article or any other text in this list of examples of persuasive texts. The only thing they need at first, as Majo Moirón says in our online course ‘Create your writing project,’ is “to find what interests us and generate the necessary confidence to enable a space of intuition and curiosity.”

For her, “it is not necessary to live extraordinary experiences to write, the most important thing is to find that genuine desire of what we want to tell”. That’s why she recommends people go out and find something that obsesses them. Which generates curiosity and makes them want to say something.

Bottom Line:

I hope this article has been of great help to you and that you now know more about the different examples of persuasive texts that exist. Based on this new knowledge, you will surely be able to find the speech that best suits what you want to say. And that will help you convey your message to your audience. Good luck!


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