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Dallas, Fort Worth, and Richardson, Texas-based Doug Wright Holland and Knight is a law firm. Doug Wright Holland established the company in 1957, and it has since expanded to rank among the state’s biggest law firms. This article will examine the background of the firm and the kinds of legal services they offer, and some of the noteworthy cases they have worked on.

Doug Wright was a partner at the legal firm Holland & Knight. As a partner, he handled the firm’s human resources division in addition to other everyday operations. He participated in numerous committees and boards as well.

Upwards of 1,700 attorneys and other professionals work for the American law company Holland & Knight LLP, which has 35 locations in the U. S., European countries, Latin America, and Northern Africa. central office located in Tampa, Florida.

After earning his law degree from the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law in 1987, Douglas Wright joined Holland & Knight. He started working for the company in 1992 and has been a part of the firm’s private wealth services division since 2002.


Douglas A. Wright has earned a name as the go-to lawyer for a variety of legal challenges, including company law, succession, financial planning, living trusts, and estate preparation.

Mr. Wright received the Witkin Prize for Academic Achievement in Professional Responsibility from the McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific, where he earned his law degree (Ethics). Along with retired US Supreme Court Chief Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, he also spent a summer studying at Salzburg, Austria’s esteemed International Legal Studies program. Mr. Wright earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UCLA, where he also completed his undergraduate studies.

Firm and Practice Areas:

Columbus, Ohio-based Doug Wright Holland and Knight is a legal company. The company has been in business since 1984 and is committed to offering legal services to individuals and businesses in the Central Ohio region.

For their proficiency in legal aspects, civil lawsuits, real estate, and real estate law, Redding Business Law, Probate, and Estate Planning Attorney. Their firm is renowned. The firm also provides a range of additional services, such as financial planning, business consulting, and legal support.

In addition to litigation, the firm also represents clients in business, real estate, construction, intellectual property, and governmental law. By income and number of attorneys, it is among the biggest law companies in the world. Major Fortune 50 businesses and multinational enterprises are the focus of Holland & Knight’s representation practice.

A knowledgeable legal team like them will give you the tools you need to succeed. Their services in detail include:

Extension Planning:

Estate planning enables you to manage your assets while preventing your loved ones from having to deal with the costly and time-taking court system or probate.

An initial session regarding planning, how it functions, and the choices you must make marks the start of the estate planning process.

A thorough strategy includes:

  • Powers of attorney,
  • a living trust,
  • a pour-over will,
  • forward health care instructions,
  • and property transfer documents.

They want to make the procedure as simple and painless as they can.


The Court procedure known as “probate” is used to transfer property following a person’s passing. This comprises gathering, administering, and distributing an estate. They collaborate with you to help you navigate the judicial process and hasten the process as much as we can.

Business Law

Both new and established businesses must abide by federal and state laws on hiring and firing, as well as industry standards. It can be expensive if you break one rule or perform an action incorrectly. Planning your business helps you prevent those issues.

Furthermore, perhaps there are benefits you could be missing. Are you considering establishing a partnership, corporation, or limited liability business (LLC)? They deal with all situations, and they can advise you on what is best for you. They are here to support you as you move through the procedure and set yourself up for success.


The history of the law firm Doug Wright Holland and Knight spans more than 250 years.

One of the first law firms in the United States, douglas wright hklaw was established in 1763. This company has a long tradition of offering legal services to people and businesses around the nation.

Wright holland knight have offices in more than 20 states, and its attorneys have experience working in a wide variety of legal areas. The firm’s lawyers are skilled in contract law, business litigation, estate planning, and more.

If you need legal help, be sure to contact douglas wright holland and knight. The firm’s history makes it one of the most experienced law firms in the country, and its lawyers are skilled in providing legal services to businesses and individuals.


DWHL has a reputation for offering its clients high-quality legal services. With more than 400 attorneys across 10 locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, Doug Wright Holland and Knight (DWHL) is a full-service law practice. Legal studies, real estate, family court, realty law, disputes, and arbitration are among the practice areas of DWHL. The attorneys at the company have a wealth of expertise representing clients across many different industry areas.

DWHL’s practice areas and several of the firm’s attorneys are described on the firm’s website. The website also has a blog area and podcasts on various legal subjects. Updates on new case files, current court rulings, and other legal topics that are relevant for DWHL clients and readers are provided in the blog area.

Holland & Knight are renowned for advocating for those with legal issues who would not otherwise be able to access the legal system. Their free-lance clients have included:

Haitian victims of torture, arbitrary detention, extrajudicial assassination, and human rights violations for whom the company earned a $5 million federal jury verdict include Wilbert Rideau, a prisoner who was imprisoned for 44 years before he was liberated as a result of the jury verdict.

American hero Mohammed Al Rehaief helped POW Jessica Lynch in Baghdad by rescuing her along with his family.

Rosewood, a community burned in 1923 by white neighbors, had African-American survivors.

Death row inmates in Mississippi are held in appalling conditions, and inmates with Aids in Alabama are subjected to horrible conditions and treatment


Holland & Knight & their attorneys are routinely honored by top industry organizations and publications due to our legacy of considerable legal experience, strong industry ties, and significant influence both in legal and industry organizations.

According to Law360, DWHL was ranked #4 for litigation and #5 for corporate/commercial law in the state of Illinois in 2012. The Firm was included in the Midwest Business Journal’s 2014 list of the Best Law Firms.

Steven H. Wright is a partner in Holland & Knight’s Boston office. His significant legal accomplishments as well as his contribution in persuading the company’s legal departments to collaborate with lawyers of color.

In commercial disputes, he represents both top in-house attorneys and top corporate executives. Additionally, he acts as lead attorney for a number of Fortune 500 businesses.

Later in his career, as a partner at Holland & Knight, Doug Wright Hollow and Knight was in charge of the firm’s operations, including accountancy, advertising, legal, and information technology, as well as the human resources division.


At Doug Wright Hollow and Knight they want you to be aware of the charges upfront so you know what to anticipate. They take great pleasure in our openness, honesty, and morality.

A comprehensive estate plan for a person costs a flat sum of $1,750.00 plus any county-set recording fees for deeds.

A full estate plan for a married person costs a flat sum of $2,000 plus any county-set recording fees for deeds.

According to Probate Code 10810, the attorneys’ fees are calculated based upon that estate appraisal and are as follows:

4% of the estate’s first $100,000 and 3 percent of the following $100,000

2% of the following $800,000

1% of the subsequent $9 million

50% of the following $15,000,000

Attorneys’ costs, for instance, would be $7,000.00 for a $achieving desirable estate (4% of the first $100,000 and 3% of the second $100,000). When the case is over, the estate will cover these costs.

Small Estate Probate matters often have a flat charge, which will be negotiated during your appointment.

The hourly rates at Douglas Wright Law are $300.00 for attorney work and $90.00 for paralegal labor.


A law company that concentrates on offering legal assistance to the middle and higher classes is this firm according to the testimonials by clients on their website. The organization has a lengthy history of offering its clients top-notch legal services. A sizable clientele of this partnership comprises professionals, businesspeople, and people in the public eye.

Doug Wright Holland is among the most well-known clientele of the business. A well-known lawyer with a long list of notable clients. He has contributed to investigations into theft, extortion, money laundering, and other crimes. In criminal proceedings, he himself serves as an expert witness.

New Generation of expertise:

John Holland, son of Doug Wright Holland, also works for the company. Experienced lawyer John Holland has participated in numerous high-profile cases. He specializes in white-collar crime and business lawsuits. John Holland frequently serves as an expert in court proceedings involving crimes.

Jeff Knight, Brett Knight, and Shelley Knight are some of the firm’s additional legal counsel. Jeff Knight is an accomplished lawyer with a focus on difficult litigation. Former prosecutor Brett Knight has been employed by the business since it began in 2009. In legal conflicts, Shelley Knight, a member at the firm, primarily represents corporations and professions.

Attorneys with extensive multicultural and multilingual experience who are committed to assisting clients in the strategic growth areas make up the team. The team advises customers on all issues pertaining to their inbound and outgoing travel to Latin America, and it is well-known for its understanding of the political intricacies and legal framework of the area.


With more than 200 people, the firm is indeed a leading law practice. The firm includes numerous divisions, such as those for litigation, corporations, and real estate. Clients of the business can obtain legal assistance from each department’s staff.

Doug Wright Holland works for the company. Corporate law is Doug Wright Holland’s area of expertise. He started working for the company in 1994 and has since grown to be an important member of the team. One of the firm’s primary areas of focus is litigation, which Doug Wright Holland is therefore involved in.

Doug Wright Holland has gained notoriety in the legal profession as a result of his work in the business. He has garnered honors in his efforts both from private and public groups, and he has been highlighted in various magazine pieces. A devoted member of the neighborhood, Doug Wright Holland donates his time to a number of nonprofits. He is a devoted sports fan, especially of the Detroit Tigers baseball franchise.


He was reprimanded for acting improperly forward toward a female coworker. Five partners subsequently quit, the firm reported. Having three children made Douglas Wright a contented parent. He participated in the 1990-founded Bob Graham Center for Public Service.

Afterward, he received criticism for his rude actions with a female coworker. Five partners subsequently resigned, according to the firm’s release. A content father of three children, Douglas Wright Holland and Knight. The Bob Graham Center for Public Service, which he established in 1990, included him as a member.


An international law company, Doug Wright Holland and Knight (DWHL), with more than 1,000 attorneys spread throughout more than 25 offices in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and North America. DWHL has strategic alliances with some of the top businesses and institutions worldwide.

Knight Capital Group is a partner in one of DWHL’s strategic alliances. One of the biggest venture capital companies in the world is called Knight Capital. A joint venture between DWHL and Knight Capital has been established to establish a worldwide fixed-income capital markets operation. Clients will receive services from the joint venture for all asset classes, including commodities, currencies, equities, and credit.

On June 13, 2013, the joint venture was disclosed well during the annual shareholders’ meeting for both businesses. The alliance between DWHL and Knight Capital Group “strengthens not just to its litigation competencies and moreover our financial sector capabilities,” DWHL Chairman Doug Wright remarked during the meeting.

The strategic partnership between DWHL and Knight Capital Group “creates an unrivaled platform for extending global capital markets business globally,” according to Knight Capital Group Chairman Tom Gores.

Wright’s Death:

The medical examiner has not yet determined Wright’s cause of death, however, the law office believes it was a heart condition. Till the specific cause is established, Wright’s death has drawn condemnation from outside observers. The company claims that Wright experienced a cardiac arrest while swimming and passed away as a result. Meanwhile, it has not provided any other details regarding the incident. Wright’s passing has created a vacuum in the organization’s progressive culture.


Doug Wright Holland and Knight as a company has expertise in acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, financial regulation, property investment, financing, disputes, administrative law, and international direct investments.

The company’s pro bono efforts, diversity program, and many other pro-social initiatives have earned its recognition as one of the top corporations in the country by numerous magazines.


Who is Dough Wright?

Douglas is a corporate attorney who is frequently called upon by clients and associates due to his in-depth understanding of tax law and tax litigation. Additionally, he is a dependable resource for advice in the fields of corporate finance, estate planning, and business transactions.

What did he study?

Doug Wright, a Fort Worth native, attended Paschal High School and graduated in 1972. He then attended the University of Texas at Austin and finished with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1976.

When did he start his practice?

Following that, he went to St. Mary University School of Law. He returned to Fort Worth, where his father had started his legal career as a Family District Judge, after graduating and receiving his license in 1979.

Why is Dough Wright famous?

Douglas A. Wright has garnered attention as the go-to lawyer for a variety of legal challenges, including company law, inheritance, long-term planning, living trusts, and estate preparation.

What are his achievements?

In 2020, 2021, and 2022, Super Lawyers Magazine recognized Mr. Wright on its list of Top Attorneys.

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