A Detailed Overview about the Profile of a Conveyancer

What is Conveyancing?

Majorly practiced in the Commonwealth nations, the conveyancing process is the process of legal transfer of a property from one person to another, which includes setting up of the contracts and completion of the same. The person who conducts the same is called a conveyancer. He/ she must be a specialized lawyer who has the expertise and specialization in the legal matters of property transfer and can also be a solicitor, licensed conveyancer or a fellow associated at the reputed legal firm. They mainly work towards the consumer protection and promoting the right competition in the legal services market for the consumers. This article offers detailed insight on the profile of the conveyancer.

Who is a Licensed Conveyancer?

A licensed conveyancer is a specialized legal person who has the mandatory qualifications and training to handle all of the matters related to property and its transfer and ownership related laws. They obtain their license from a regulatory body of Licensed Conveyancers and play a pivotal role in both personal as well as corporate levels of property transfer matters. In many instances these law professionals work independently by forming their own conveyancing firms.

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The Role of a Licensed Conveyancer

A licensed conveyancer plays a pivotal role in the property transfer cases and hence he or she needs to be adequately qualified to understand and execute the legal intricacy related to property transfer, etc. Following are the basic roles performed by the licensed conveyancer: –

  • Looking up all the documents required for the transfer procedure, compiling them and then filing them for processing in the Department of Land Services
  • Looking at the factors from the side of the government that might affect the process like some authority or any Government department
  • Making the necessary inquiries regarding the title deed and link deed of the property
  • Adjusting the required taxes for the process and consulting the same with the clients
  • Formulating the property settlement agreement for the clients
  • Making sure that all the conditions in the agreement or contract are met by both of the parties
  • Liaoning with the mortgage lenders like banks to have more detailed information about the changing rules and regulations
  • Arranging legal papers like stamp duty or estate agency fees to complete the transaction
  • Completing the settlement process in a smooth way taking care of all legal issues.
  • Apart from these basic rules, it is also upon the part of the clients to verify about the conveyancer they would be dealing with from their respective firms.

How to Choose the Best-Licensed Conveyancer for Your Work?

The following are the deciding pointers to determine the best profile of the conveyancer out of the large numbers available in the property market currently: –

  • The qualification of both the licensed conveyancer and his or her associated firm needs to be checked to know if they are indeed legalized to conduct such processes, else the regulatory property body would deny the validation of the entire process
  • The experience level of the professional must be checked properly to know about professional track about dealing in property matters and it also acts as an indicator of their current market standing and market value.
  • Consultation fee of the involved conveyancer is indeed a deciding factor and an experienced person will not complete the case in compromised fee either However, you need to check the market standard fees for such case to get into a reasonable negotiation deal.
  • Check the personal reputation of the professional involved in the property transfer. You can check it from his existing clients or from local bar council.

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