What is DELE and Best Centres to learn this Course in India?

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400 million native speakers of Spanish are there across the globe. It ranks second in the world as the most popular spoken language after Chinese, considering its population count. It also stands second as the most studied language in the world, after English and French. With this amount of popularity, undoubtedly it one of the most popular and favored foreign languages to be learned in India as well.

What is DELE?

DELE: stands for “Diploma Español Como Lengua Extranjera” which is a certificate course recognized and accepted worldwide when it comes to establishing proficiency and fluency in the Spanish language. It is granted by the Instituto Cervantes, in association with the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports, Spain. The diploma equips the individual to attain mastery over the language on paper, from a recognized body.
It is recommended for all foreign nationals whose first language is not Spanish. An inclination towards learning a foreign language requires a little more than keenness. You might land up with an assignment or a job in a foreign land, where Spanish can be the official language. In such a scenario, opting for this Diploma course becomes very advantageous. Also, there are certain parameters that have been laid down for individuals opting to take up this course. They include:

  • Spanish has never been the mother tongue of his/her parents.
  • Spanish has never been the first language that he/she learned.
  • Spanish has never been the first language for communication.
  • Spanish has never been taken up as a subject in the total or part of his/her primary or secondary education.

The Diploma course comprises of five categories and the candidate must pass all five of them in the same test session. Categories include reading comprehension, written paper, listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, and an oral exam. The entire course has been divided into six levels, namely A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Level A is the most basic one with level C being the most advanced. The entire course is divided into three levels for learning Spanish. Any level can be picked up to learn the language. There are no strict pre-requisite criteria laid down which requires one to take up the first level in order to proceed to the second level. The levels available are:

  • Diploma de Español (Nivel Inicial) Mid-Intermediate level.
  • Diploma de Español (Nivel Intermedio) High-intermediate level.
  • Diploma de Español (Nivel Superior) Superior level.

Why must you not miss DELE

DELE is a globally recognized certification, authenticating the ability for you to read and write in Spanish with proficiency and fluency. This diploma certificate holds credibility in the business and commercial community of Spanish speaking countries. The career prospects of any individual who holds the DELE Diploma internationally are widened. For students aspiring to study abroad, this certificate course helps them in getting through schools and Universities in Spanish speaking nations. In several places, this certificate diploma is equivalent to the existing testing and evaluation system.

DELE Diploma comes with a lifelong validity and international recognition which means that there is no expiry date attached to them; whichever nation or city you work or stay in. It is an added advantage and an asset for a lifetime. Many aspirants are taking up this course with the objective of going for higher studies to Spanish speaking countries. At the same time, professionals are taking up new jobs or promotions to nations where Spanish is the official language. In both these cases, it is a life-enhancing futuristic approach.

DELE fee structure varies from one country to the other. Depending on where you are located and wish to do the course from, will determine the center which you need to pick for the Diploma certification. The fee structure for 2018 could be something like this:

  • DELE A1: $105
  • DELE A2: $110
  • DELE B1: $130
  • DELE B2: $150
  • DELE C1 $165
  • DELE C2: $180

In order to qualify for the Diploma certificate, getting a score of minimum 60% in writing and reading section combined, along with a minimum 60% in the listening and oral sections combined is a must. The results are published online approximately three months from the date of appearing in the exam. Individuals who get a PASS score are given a hard copy of the diploma through the mail on the address provided to the institute. It is important to always give the complete and accurate permanent address in order to get the scorecard and certificate on time easily.

There is no dearth of individuals in India who aspire to take up a foreign language as a career option in the form of translator, writer, professor or anything. The sky is the limit for those aspiring to study or find better career aspects in Spanish speaking nations. Gone are the days when there were very few or rather limited opportunities that students had in the foreign domain. The number of ever-expanding courses being offered to foreign national by colleges and universities is unlimited. Scholarship programs are giving another option to the aspiring and deserving candidates.

When there are immense opportunities available at the educational and professional level, then, equipping yourself with the Spanish language certification course DELE is the next best thing to do. Get a popular international certification added to your CV, which gives you the advantage of applying to or opting for promotions outside. There are some established institutes in India which are offering this course throughout the year. Amongst them, one of the established and best centers to go for DELE Diploma certification is Iflac.net. Check their details online on the website today.

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