How to Decorate Your House with Custom Made Sofa Beds

What Are Sofa Beds? 

Sofa beds are simply sofa with a built-in bed. These sofas generally have a fold-out spring mattress, though some let you reveal a bed by removing the cushions or create one by adding specially made cushions. This is separate from sectional sofas that can create something you could theoretically sleep on by lining up several soft square footrests from the same furniture set

You can buy sofa beds at the store or order a custom-made one. Custom-made sofa beds can be made in the size, shape, and color you want.  Let’s learn how you could decorate your house with a custom-made sofa bed. 

Create a Guest Room in Waiting 

Having an empty bedroom ready for guests is an expensive proposition if you’re pressed for space. However, you could order a custom sofa bed, so that it fits into the study’s décor but can be converted into a guest bed as required. Then you can set it under the window and let the company sit on it while you have a normal-looking office. Then unfold the bed if they decide to a sleepover. This approach allows you to do something with the room during the day, and those who see your home office with a coach won’t think it odd if you bring them in to discuss business. 

Be Able to Host Overnight Guests in the Living Room 

Consider replacing your worn-out loveseat with a custom-made sofa bed. You can arrange for something that’s more comfortable than the traditional couches that fold out to sleep two. You could even order a custom sofa bed that converts from a seat for two to a bed for one. Something like this in your child’s room creates a comfortable book nook in the corner of their room and eliminates the need to blow up an air mattress if a friend comes for a spend-the-night.

If this is too much for you, try a modular sofa. Many modular sofas include a longer divan someone might sleep on, especially if combined with a square piece. Alternatively, two square pieces along with the sofa itself could be enough to sleep on. Modular sofas have the added benefit of allowing you to set up a variety of conversational groupings, whereas a sofa bed can only see two to three people next to each other. 

Make the Most of an Efficiency Apartment 

Murphy beds and sofa beds are commonplace in small apartments that otherwise don’t have much living space. A sofa bed may allow you to sleep at night while being able to host company by day. It is a matter of opinion whether this is better or worse than a futon. At least the sofa bed looks like a sofa when it is folded up. On the other hand, you could have both a bed and a sofa bed so that you have something for guests to sleep on. It is a matter of opinion whether or not you want to make people crashing on your couch on a regular basis more comfortable. 

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