Can You Fix Erectile Dysfunction Once You Have It?

The inability to maintain an erection is a very prevalent problem. It’s usually reversible with or without medicine. Modifying your lifestyle and using natural therapies can assist.

An inability to get an erection when needed occurs in most men at least once. In addition, they may lose the ability to get or keep an erection altogether in severe circumstances. One way in which you can address this problem is by reading for information on both herbal and pharmaceutical treatments for erectile dysfunction. In this article we are going to present some of the options that may be possible for you in the attempt of trying to stop the advancement of erectile dysfunction.

 Short-term Treatments

These aid in getting and keeping an erection but do nothing to treat the underlying reason for dysfunction. Examples include erectile dysftunction medication like Viagra (sildenafil), which increases blood flow to the penis to treat erectile dysfunction. In addition, the inability to get an erection may be alleviated in those with diabetes or atherosclerosis.

 Addressing the Underlying Issues

The root of ED can be treated directly in primary care. When arterial plaque is to blame, treatment with medicines and increased physical activity can restore cardiovascular health. As a result, ED may go away entirely or become less frequent.

Psychological Treatments

Both the underlying cause of ED and the disorder’s symptoms might have a psychological basis. For example, anxiety can be lowered, self-confidence can be boosted, and romantic connections can be strengthened through psychological therapy.

These alterations may also improve the chances of other treatments working. For example, men who suffer from severe sex anxiety may find that conventional therapies are ineffective. When this worry is addressed, performance as a whole tends to rise.

Reversing ED

Get checked out by the doctor to be safe. For men with diabetes, ED may be an early warning indication of nerve damage, heart attacks, or neurological problems. The following strategies will help reverse ED:

1. Lifestyle Changes

Behavioral changes, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, can improve many factors contributing to erectile dysfunction. Men with chronic health problems should talk to their physicians about treatment alternatives.

A few examples of helpful adjustments in lifestyle are:

  • Doing things like practicing relaxation techniques to deal with anxiety and blood pressure issues associated with ED
  • Working out to increase blood flow.
  • If you need to, decreasing weight can help reduce your blood pressure, enhance your cholesterol, and increase your testosterone levels.
  • A dietary change may also be helpful, especially for those who suffer from diabetes or heart disease.

2. Pelvic Floor Exercises

In men, the ability to urinate and ejaculate is facilitated by the pelvic floor muscles. Erectile dysfunction could be helped by exercising these muscles as well. Pelvic floor exercises might help diabetic men achieve and keep an erection. You should consult a medical professional to find out which pelvic floor physiotherapy exercises will be most beneficial to you.

3. Medication

The condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED) can be treated with various pharmaceutical options. However, most people think of tadalafil (Cialis) and sildenafil (Viagra), two medicines that enhance the penis blood flow and help men get and keep an erection.

These function effectively when the etiology of ED is unknown or anxiety-related, and they could be useful when the cause is physiological. In many cases, ED can be reversed or prevented from worsening if the underlying illness causing it is treated.

Final Thoughts

The issue of ED can cause frustration for certain people. It is essential to remember that treatment is available for the illness. In most cases, erectile dysfunction (ED) can be cured by treating the underlying reason with either natural therapies or medicine. ED is quite frequent.

Early treatment can often uncover a dangerous medical problem. Thus, it is necessary to visit a physician as they can identify the root cause of ED as soon as possible may boost the likelihood of correcting it. In addition, consult a medical professional about the most effective method of therapy.


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