Bidet Converter Kit: Important Interesting Facts

A lot of people do not know what is the actual work of a bidet converter kit. There are many people who do not what is converter kit. If you are too much curious about why we are using this bidet kit, the simple answer is the shortages of toilet paper and the global crisis of water.

Everyone knows about the recession of the water problem in the world. Therefore tissue comes into the market. However, in the year 2020, the world also faced a shortage of toilet paper. In the meantime during the dangerous coronavirus period, this problem is faced. This shortages duo combined successfully the converter kit.

What Is Bidet Converter Kit?

A bidet is a new way of hygienic toilet setup. This is a way of washing the genital area after doing their private work on the toilet. Moreover, it gives a cleaning experience and a better feeling than regular toilet paper.

When you use a bidet converter kit, it not only saves you money but also provided many advantages. For instance, it converts your current regular toilet into bidets. Moreover, these converter kits, allow you to enjoy the benefits of a bidet without installing an extra unit.

Mainly there are three types of converter kits. However, the functionality of these kits is the same. All of these kits come in the market for cleaning your genital area after bathroom use. The usual converter kits perform with simple water pressure. Moreover, the other two types are non-electric toilet seats and electric toilet seats.

 Installation & Guides-

As these kits are well-fitted with almost every kind of toilet, therefore, it became easy to find anywhere. The kits are combined with a tank, hose attachments, and almost everything, that is needed for starting your journey with this kit. However, in case of any problem with fittings, you can buy a simple adapter to well fitted with your toilet.

Almost every kit comes with a user manual. If you want to install it on your own, you can do it by using manual guides. However, if there is any problem with doing the installation, please call an expert. The professional will help you to fit the converter kit properly.

Benefits Of Bidet Converter Kit-

Savings on Bill-

A normal bidet has many advantages over traditional toilets. The most beneficiary advantage is on the water bill. If you are using a bidet converter kit, it can save your water bill up to 80%. Therefore your savings on your electricity bill increased. Moreover, the savings will show up, when you have a family.

Bathroom Experience-

Another benefit of using a bidet is a comfortable experience in the bathroom time. In addition, if there is someone who has skin problems, they faced a lot of issues in the bathroom time. However, in the case of a bidet toilet, this bathroom will feel comfortable and refreshing feelings. You will feel more relaxed after experiencing with bidet.

Health Benefit-

Health Benefit is another major reason to use it. A normal toilet easily spread germs and bacteria in the time of the toilet. That can cause you serious illness. However, in the case of a bidet, it will not happen. Bidet keeps the bathroom cleaner and free from harmful germs.

 Why Should We Use Bidet Converter Kit

Improved Hygiene-

  The first reason to use a bidet is for improving hygiene. Toilet paper does not work perfectly. It can remove fecal matter perfectly. Therefore, bacteria from the skin are not perfectly removed. And this can cause infection of the skin or illness.

On other hand, a bidet uses a stream of water for removing waste after the bathroom. This helps to clean as much as possible. Therefore the risk of getting sick became minimal.

Irritation Free-

In the case of toilet paper, after using it many times, it gets more irritation. In fact, most people find irritation after using too much toilet paper on their skin. If they have sensitive skin, it will get worst.

In the bidet case, the water stream gets more soothed and irritation free. Therefore, the chances of causing skin problems became more minimal. Therefore, a bidet is a go-to solution for you.

Comfortable Bathroom Experience-

In conclusion, the experience of doing bathroom becomes more comfortable with a bidet. unhygienic, the unclean toilets became a day-to-day problem for everyone. That became an anxious cause for many people. A traditional toilet became a risk to health too.

When you will start using a bidet, the benefits of it will be found in hand. A less irritating and more comfortable bathroom experience will be found with the bidet kit. If you make up your mind to go with a bidet converter kit.

Costs Of Installing bidet converter kit-

A standard bidet can cost more than a couple of thousand of dollars. However, if you go with a converter kit, it is easily suited to the bathroom without too much cost. You will easily get these types of converter kits in the range of $30 to $250.

If you think it is too much for you, I am saying you are not losing money, you are gaining it. Moreover, you can save up to 80% in this case. You can calculate how much money you spend on toilet paper or water bills for the toilet.

Why Bidets are not famous in the USA?

It is the newest way of experiencing your toilet. On the market, this is not common for residents of the USA to use standard bidets in their bathrooms. Moreover, this is not very uncommon in the European market.

However, the bidet converter kit became more popular than it was earlier. The latest report said that almost an increase of 20% from the year 2019.


If you are looking to improve the bathroom experience in a hygienic way, you might consider a bidet converter kit. A traditional toilet needs toilet paper or water to clean your genetic area after doing the bathroom. Bidets give the facility of enjoying a gentle experience in the bathroom.


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