Best Websites To Send Free SMS Anywhere

SMS, you remember it, right?

The thing we used to chat with our friends and convey important information before we had whatsapp or BBM.

Usage of SMS has significantly decreased after Instant messengers like whatsapp become popular because who would love pay those pennies for sending an SMS when you can send those messages for free using your regular internet connection.

When SMS usage was at its peak people used to send lots and lots of messages to each other and some of them instead of spending some bucks on every message preferred sending messages for free using online services.

There are many Indian websites which allow you send SMSs for Free, you might know about them. Also read about jio4gvoice calling app, that is used to free unlimited and quality calls around the world.

In this post I am going to share with you a list of some websites which allow you to send SMSs for Free.

Now before I continue with the list, let us discuss how these sites make money?

Money is important for everyone; these sites too can’t operate without making any money. Some of them earn by selling ad spaces on their sites while some of them sell ad spaces in the messages sent by users.

Normally one SMS comprises of 160 characters, these sites allow you to use some near about 140 characters and they reserve the rest 20 characters for selling advertisements.

So now let us discuss some of these sites one by one.

Way2SMS was launched in the year 2006 to provide bulk messaging solutions to businesses but later moved its focus to allow its users to send free SMS. according to a survey in the year 2011 it has 80% of the market share in the PC to mobile messaging market.

Quite big number, right? Well this has made way2sms the largest personal messaging portal in the web with members from all over 130 countries sending lots of message daily. An approximate value of the messages it sends daily is 500 million messages per month, isn’t it great.


This site is owned by the way2online group, the same company which own way2sms. The difference in their working model is that where way2sms allows you to send messages only, 160by2 apart from allowing you to send free SMS it also allows you to take part in quizzes and polls which in return earns you “Funbucks”. Funbucks are the points that you earn by participating here and later you can convert the earned funbucks into different rewards.

Launched in 2008 this site currently has more than 60 lakh Indians registered and like 160by2 it allows allow you to send free sms and also participate in paid surveys and earn goodies.
Apart from it this site also has a huge collection of mobile wallpapers submitted by its community and the referral program of youmint is also appreciated. In the referral program you will need to share your referral link with your friends and with every friend that joins youmint using your link youmint will give you rewards and sometimes Hard cash.

Bollywood Motion

This site is different from the one we have discussed above in this post, they don’t show ads in your messages, and you don’t need to register on their site to send free SMS.
Just type the number where you want to send your message, enter your message and your name and click on send message.

Done, though on personally trying it I didn’t find it to be the best and that’s the reason this is the last one in my list.


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