The Best Collectible Figurine Brands

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By Lucia Adams

Collectible figurines have been quietly adding cheer to our homes for centuries, and these expertly crafted home decorations are a wonderful way of adding a personal touch to your decor. To help you start off your own collection, we’ve listed some of the best collectible figurines brands, so you can purchase your figurines with the confidence that they will be expertly crafted and maintain their value.

Swarovski Figurines

A world-famous crystal brand since 1895, it’s no surprise that Swarovski is one of the best figure brands to collect thanks to the value and the craftsmanship of each piece. Originally introduced in the 1970s as gifts to customers, Swarovski figurines were offered for sale soon after thanks to growing demand. With the introduction of the annual limited edition pieces, these figurines are now highly sought after, making them the ideal entry point into the world of Swarovski figurines. Crafted with the same high-quality crystal and expert techniques as the brand’s jewelry line, these pieces will be a stylish addition to any home.

Lladró Figurines

If you’re looking to collect something with a more traditional look than crystal figurines, then the ceramic Lladró figurines are one of the best in the market. Based in Valencia, the Spanish ceramics company was founded by three brothers in 1953. Although they’re now most famous for their ceramic figurines, Lladró didn’t start producing these until 1956. Over the years, the figures have increasingly become more complex, reflecting the craftsmanship and attention to detail that now goes into making one of these pieces.

Disney Figurines

Although Disney doesn’t actually produce figurines itself, over the years it has frequently partnered with a number of well-known manufacturers to create the ever-popular Disney figurines. Because Disney is renowned for being highly overprotective of its characters, you can be assured that any figurine licensed by The Walt Disney Company will be of the highest quality, and their popularity with collectors and Disney enthusiasts alike make them good investment pieces.

Nao Figurines

A sub-brand of Lladró, Nao was conceived when the Lladró brothers purchased a small porcelain factory in 1967 and began collaborating with local artisans to produce a new style of figurines. Today, Nao figurines are still designed by sculptors and artisans before they are produced in the brand’s Valencia factory. Thanks to their unique beauty and distinctive designs, these figurines are highly popular with porcelain figurine collectors.

Royal Doulton

Arguably the most famous name in the world of collectibles, Royal Doulton has been employing artists to create decorative figurines since the late 1800s. Royal Doulton figurines really took off in 1913 with the production of 20 figurines – one of which was christened Darling by Queen Mary after seeing the adorably lifelike figurine of a small boy in a nightshirt.

Although the figurines are only a small part of Royal Doulton’s pottery legacy, they are one of the company’s most popular ranges and Royal Doulton continues to be regarded as one of the best figurine brands in the world.

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