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Annie Martell; the ex-wife of John Denver (late), was a singer and songwriter. Martell enjoyed her life as a musician, activist, and philanthropist which was equally remarkable. In this topic, we delve into the specific topic of everything about Annie’s educational life, career, love life, journey in the musical world and more. Let’s have a look at the entire guide.  


NameAnnie Martell
BornSeptember 6, 1946
BirthplaceNicollet, Minnesota, USA
ParentsJim Martell and Norma Martell
SiblingsTeri Martell, Ben Martell, and Linda Nelson
HusbandJohn Denver
ChildrenZachary John Denver and Anna Kate Denver (Adopted)
Marital statusDivorced
Renowned forJohn Denver’s ex-wife
Death June 14, 2020 (at the age of 70)

Early Life of Annie Martell:

Annie Martell; was born on September 6, 1946, in Nicollet, Minnesota, the state of the USA. Annie was the child of Jim Martell and Norma Martell. Her two sisters’ names were Teri Martell, and Linda Nelson, and has a brother also, named Ben Martell. Together, they make up a happy family. “Holiday House” was a supper club that was owned by Annie’s parents, Jim and Norma, and was located near the river outside of St. Peter.

Annie Martell’s Educational Life:

Annie was taught to play the piano and guitar at a young age, having grown up in a musical family. Annie completed her formal education at the local school in her community. She attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, after completing her high school education and achieved a degree in music education. After finishing her education life, she went to California to seek a music career.

Annie Martell’s Career:

There isn’t much information available in the public domain regarding Annie Martell‘s professional background. She was married to John Denver, and it was well-known that she helped Denver with his career when they were together. Still, not much is known about her personal career aspirations or professional activities outside of her partnership with Denver.

In 1972, Martell launched a solo career and released the album “A Flower Grows In Stone.” Along with versions of well-known folk tunes, Martell and her spouse wrote some of the songs on the album. Despite its lack of economic success, the album demonstrated Martell’s skill as a performer and songwriter.

Annie Martell’s Personal Life:

Annie Martell began her career as a performer in coffee shops and local clubs in California. During her work, she once met John Denver (a young folk American singer and songwriter) at a concert in Minnesota, in 1966. They started to date each other and after dating a few months, they got married in 1967. After they began performing together, Denver wrote “Annie’s Song”  – a duet that he recorded for his lovely wife.

After marrying in 1967, they had no biological children together, however, they are adopting two children from a child adoption agency, a daughter named Anna Kate Denver and a son named Zachary John Denver. There isn’t much information known about her personal life beyond her connection to Denver. However, after spending 15 years of marriage life together, they unfortunately ended their relationship by getting divorced in 1982 (Denver’s extramarital affair was rumoured to be one of the reasons for the breakdown of their relationship). After the divorce, Martell mostly stayed out of the public eye, and not much is known about her life afterwards as she has kept a relatively low profile. Nowadays, she lives and works as a writer in Aspen, Colorado. By the way, after breaking down their relationship, John was also married to an actress Cassandra Delaney, he had one biological daughter also, named Jesse Belle.

Furthermore, fans of Annie Martell and John Denver wished for their 50th marriage anniversary and shared stunning pictures on social media.

Annie Martell’s Ex-Husband’s Death Causes:

It is whispered that John Denver, Annie’s ex-husband, passed away in a plane crash on October 12, 1997, at the age of 53. He was on a plane that went down off the beach of California at that time. Low fuel, and improper planning, were among the likely causes of the major incident.

The last time Annie communicated with him was in the autumn of 1997, a few weeks after her birthday.

Annie Martell’s Environmental and Social Activism

The public doesn’t have access to a lot of information about Martell’s particular activism, either social or environmental. John Denver, her ex-husband, was well-known for his support of numerous causes and environmental campaigning. Nevertheless, Annie Martell led a private life following their divorce, and there isn’t a lot of official documentation or public records that demonstrate her involvement or active engagement in social or environmental advocacy. They both equally founded the “Windstar Foundation” in 1976 intending to promote sustainability and modification. She was also concerned with many associations for women’s rights and law. Annie and her husband John Denver also performed a concert together for the Tibetan Freedom Concert in 1997. 

Annie Martell’s Life After Separation With Husband John Denver

Although they were separated in 1982 from each other, the couple became close friends. However, John Denver passed away in 1997.

Martell carried on pursuing her passions for advocacy and music after Denver’s death. She tried to better the lives of animals by founding the Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter. Martell was also in favour of the John Denver Sanctuary, a Colorado public park as a memory for her late husband that is located in Aspen.

At the age of 70, Annie Martell departed from this life on June 14, 2020. Her legacy is all about charity, activism, and music collection. Across the globe, Martell’s contributions to animal welfare, social concerns, and the environment never quit to inspire people.

Annie Martell’s Net Worth:

There isn’t a piece of extensive information available regarding Martell’s net worth. Most public attention and financial assessments primarily revolve around her former husband, John Denver, who was a highly successful musician and entertainer. Martell maintained a private life after their divorce, and specific details about her financial status or net worth aren’t readily accessible in public records.

When her ex-husband passed away in 1997, his net worth was $60 million. His lucrative acting and singing careers helped him accumulate a fortune.


Annie Martell was a well-known singer and songwriter in the 1990s era, after being married to famous artist John Denver, her life became full of delight, devotion, creativity and charity. As a musician, she was a joy to everyone’s heart and gave all of us a world of music contribution. She was a perfect example of achieving goals by following a passion and understanding the talents of every individual’s inner triumph. On June 14, 2020, at the age of 70, the remarkable woman of the music world passed away. Every individual’s heart was melted on that day, she will be immortal among us forever.


Q. Who is Annie Martell?

Annie Martell was the first wife of the famous American singer-songwriter John Denver. They were married in 1967 and had two adopted children together before divorcing in 1982.

Q. Why Was Annie Martell So Famous?

Annie Martell is primarily known as John Denver’s wife. During their time together, she supported Denver in his career as a musician.

Q. What line of work does Annie Martell have?

Information about Martell’s profession or career pursuits beyond her association with John Denver is not extensively documented in public sources.

Q. Who Is Annie Martell’s Husband?

John Denver (singer and songwriter) was the ex-husband of Annie Martell.

Q. Is There Any Child Of Annie Martell And John Denver Together?

Annie Martell and John Denver have two children, named Zachary John Denver and Anna Kate Denver. They both are adopted.

Q. Is Martell Adopted Her Children?

Yes; Annie Martell and John Denver were the unlucky couple to get biological children together, so they adopted two children from a child adoption agency.

Q. What is Martell’s net worth?

There isn’t any further information available regarding Martell’s net worth. Most public attention and financial assessments primarily spin around her ex-husband, John Denver.

Q. What happened to Martell after her divorce from John Denver?

After her divorce from John Denver in 1982, Annie Martell mostly stayed out of the public eye and maintained a private life. Details about her life after separation are relatively undisclosed.

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