Angel Number 814 Meaning, Secret and Symbolism

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By Sarah Jay

If someone wants to know about the secret of angel numbers, they should know about spirituality because they are connected to each other. Spirituality is a strong feeling of something greater than me, bigger than ourselves. It’s connected to relationships, reality, life, death, and nature. Therefore, Spirituality is a character, nature, and quality. For example when we pray for something we feel a connection with God or the spirit world. It may involve religious tradition and belief in the high power. Angel number 814 is connected with spiritual power. According to numerology, 8 is the most divine number. So, if you ever see this number and don’t know what you should do, follow this article and learn the details.

What does it mean- Angel number 814?

When you need to become more spiritual in your life the angel number 814 comes as a sign. This number indicates to that person that they need to maintain a relationship with inner life. That means the angels give you a sign to connect with the other world and commit to meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices. You can also make a connection with the spiritual world through your prayers.

Moreover, 814 is a heavenly message for you. You can share through prayers what your life goals, worries, thoughts, and ambitions are. The angels can guide you and lead you.

However, the divine message tells you that you need a break from every day’s busy life and focus on the life which actually matters. Spend time with your loved ones more than your professional career. When you give them time and priority they will become your support. You need to believe in spiritual healing.

Secret meaning and symbolism

The angel number 814  is made from a powerful vibration number which is 8 and 14. If the number came into our life, that means great things are on the way. The total number has a meaningful message.

Number 8

In numerology, the Number 8 is connected with our self-esteem. This number tells us faith in your emotions and yourself. This number influences us. In simple words, we can say it brings self-confidence, love, higher wisdom, and personal authority.

Number 1

Number 1 indicates fresh starts, new beginnings, and promising opportunities. If a person has a dream with positive thoughts they are capable of transforming their dream into reality. This number is self-leadership, inspiration, and individuality.

Number 4

The number 4 is a mixture of four elements of earth, fire, air, and water. Moreover, the Number 4 is a symbol of a person’s responsibility, hard work, and patience in achieving their goal. It is a matter of support and stability. It represents the maturity of life.

Number 814

Now know the actual meaning and symbolism of angel number 814. When this number appears you’ll get support from the universe. And the angels will guide you. However, keep in mind that you can’t depend on the blessings for achieving your goal. Never expect success without contributing your tears, and sweat.

Always express yourself with positive actions, the angels can advise you to maintain that. Remember only positive energy and a positive personality can bring positive results.

Interesting Facts about number 814

When we talk about the number 814 we talked about love. Because angel number 814 is very much connected with love and understanding. The message 814 is the one that it can be directing you to become more Self-standing, understanding, and confident. We should follow these energies only for ourselves.

You can communicate with your guardian angels every day. Pay attention to the emotions. Notice unique sounds, and some lovely smells that arrive out of the blue, you can create angles in your mind’s eye.

Angel numbers can show up any time and for anyone. Every angel number indicates a different meaning.

What to do if seeing the 814 number much time

If you give up on something and see that angel number 814 again that means this is a sign. Never lose your hope and work hard to achieve your dream. Don’t let the negative thoughts flood you. You’ll get the light end of the day.

When things are not going your way, keep calm. Believe in the power of praying.

And most importantly after many struggles and prayers when you finally live in your dreams don’t forget to thank the angels who guide you and give the indication. Also, share your blessings with your loved ones.

Help others

Number 814 brings karma energy. Be careful what you do. Be responsible for your actions. Try to work hard and be good with others because what you did with others surely comes back to you. However, always try to do good things with others. The good will come back to your side very soon.

Dreams to Reality

One of the most powerful signs of good luck is angel number 814. It can help you to build your confidence in life. No matter where you are now it is the perfect time to take a step for your relationship, career, or family. The number tells you that you are very close to success and the blessing is on your way.

Connection of Love and Number 814

If you ever hear about extraordinary love, this is for you. Number 814 indicates extraordinary love. Love is very passionate. The lover strongly believes in the power of love and the quality of feeling. The partner wants to control. But they show their trust when their partner’s strength is running out. The person is loyal and faithful.

However, Different angel numbers mean different things. 839 angel number indicates that you get doubts but gives the lesson on how to avoid it. When you are very near to your dream but you hear a voice of the impossible.

Similarly, the 857 angel number indicates you need to make a decision regarding your love life, don’t worry about the result because the angels are there to support you.

814 Numerology

The angel number 814 has lots of meanings. According to numerology, the eternity sign is the number 8. That means development and growth. Number 1 is a creation, a beginning of something. Number 4 is a sign of a shield, which can protect against evil. Moreover, If you divide the number into two parts, the number 81 is a symbol of a new life beginning, while the number 14 is a symbol of protection and care. 84 indicates the happiness and joy of life. If you ever see these signs don’t be afraid it means your life is going to be filled with happiness.

Bottom line

Angel number opens the door to success, hope, and achievement. So you need to be passionate about your goal. Take the opportunity of what is coming on your way. First, you need to become more spiritual in your live. You need to believe in life strongly. Never let your dream go. The angels will support you fully when you work hard. Take this golden opportunity to secure your future. At this time it’s hard to decide what you’ll decide but no matter what you choose angel number 814 will never let you regret your decision.


1. What does the number 814 stand for?

Number 814 is a powerful vibration. The person is close to success and angels will support them.

2. Why do I keep seeing angel numbers?

If you see angel numbers many times that means you are not following your dream. Angels are trying to give you hints and get your attention.

3. How do I know if angels are trying to connect with me?

Feeling warmth all over the body, light touch on the hand, feeling of someone stroking your hair. That means they want to connect with us.

4. What is the spiritual number for love?

000 or 0000 is the number of love lives.

5. How do I find my angel number?

Look at your death of birth, and connect to the birth year and date. For example, if your birth date is June 8, 1975. Start adding 6+8+1+9+7+5= 36. So, the angel number is 3+6=9.


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