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Time has gone when creating an animation used to cost a bunch and only skilled animators were able to create a compelling video. The advancements in technology have, thankfully, changed the spectrum and made animation accessible for everyone. Whether you are an expert animator or a newbie entering the thriving world of animation, there exists an app for you that can help you create visually-appealing and exquisite animations that stand at par with the industry standards. What used to be a complicated and nerve-wracking process has now become a smooth and jovial experience because of the existence of a plethora of great apps.

Every animated video company deploys these apps to allow their designers to create animated videos that help companies set their branding game apart. Nowadays not only the entertainment industry deploys animation, but many businesses are also using this as an effective marketing tool to make their mark in the industry.

An overwhelming number of apps exist for video animators but choosing the right one for yourself is the real deal. The key is to gauge which app offers what and choose the one suiting your requirements. Luckily for you, we have done the task and narrowed down 7 great apps that every video animator swears by!

  • Animate it

If you are drawing sketches or manikin poses, Animate it is the best video animation app to help you create visually striking animations on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are an expert animator or a student wanting to learn the basics of animation, this app is perfect to help you create an animation in a matter of minutes.

  • Stick Fighter

This animation app has a touchscreen interface that lets animators animate frame by frame in a flipbook format. This app allows you to use different props like bows, arrows, swords, knives, etc. on a stick image to create an animated cartoon. Stick Fighter allows the user to change the color and size of objects and lets the user save and export the animation with other Stick Fighter users.

  • Stick Draw

One of the best animation apps loved by every video animation company worldwide, this app allows the user to create animations using fingers on their phone. Users start with each frame and move to the next by saving. This allows animations to be created within a couple of minutes. With this app, animators create stop-motion animations and stick figures. The app also offers advanced copy pasting options and allows mp4 and gif export options.

  • Animation Desk

With an animation desk, start making animation from the scratch frame by frame or use videos, images or PSD layers for creating animations using the iOS framework. The app allows a number of import and export formats and offers more than 46 brush options. With this app, rotoscoping and transforming videos into line drawing is made easier.

  • FlipaClip

Probably one of the coolest cartoon maker apps of all times, this app allows users to explore their creativity by drawing cartoon frame by frame. FlipaClip is ideal for iOS users and offers excellent tools for storyboarding, sketching or animating. Animations created on this app can be shared on different social platforms such as Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

  • Animator- Make your cartoons

With this app, excellent cartoons can be made using the Android framework. No prior experience is needed to use this app, animations can be drawn effortlessly on different papers. The animation can be exported as a GIF or a video.

  • Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D allows excellent graphics which gives a near to real feel. There exist pirates, ships and monsters to choose from. While you create stories, you can also add your voiceover to give it a more realistic outlook. You can also add your face to some of the animated characters to give it a more fun feel.

  • Animation Creator HD

This marks as the best drawing and animation app for iPad users. With this app, animators can create animated movies on the go with powerful drawing tools. The app allows a life-like animation to be created.

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