6 Reasons Why WordPress CMS is better than Drupal CMS

WordPress is no doubt, one of the rising CMS or blogging platforms right now competing with any other existing CMS platforms, like Drupal. Nowadays, more and more organizations and individuals are jumping into WordPress where at the same it initiates a concern about other CMS systems like Drupal. If you are also boggling with the question in your mind that which is one is better, well, it is WordPress indeed. If you are thinking of choosing WordPress or Drupal, well here are the 6 reasons why WordPress CMS is better than Drupal CMS.

1. WordPress is easier to use than Drupal

WordPress is the most interactive and visually sophisticated yet simplified CMS ever. Anyone can post a blog on the WordPress as adding new posts or images or web pages is so much easy and user-friendly exercise to do. Drupal on another hand, is quite complicated, technical and requires a learning curve to hit the right chords. Unlike Drupal, you do not require any technical writing or coding like HTML5. For Drupal, if you are not a web developer, you will be getting a hard time to learn about the platform. With WordPress, it is customizable and flexible to be used whether you are novice blogger or an expert developer. The administration panel with WordPress is communicative and designed to give away all the access on the interface itself.

2. WordPress is more popular and largely consumed CMS than Drupal

WordPress conquerors a majority of internet market space. As matter of fact, it holds the market share of 60.4% of the websites currently on the web. Drupal CMS on other hand holds only a small share of 5.1% in World Wide Web scenario. Apparently, there is huge domination of WordPress CMS on the internet and it is there for a reason. And when you are considering one of these to go with, the success and popularity of WordPress around the world cannot be undermined or ignored. In this Drupal vs WordPress scenario, you clearly see the winner shining in the armor.

3. WordPress CMS provide better performance and support than Drupal

Drupal runs a number of queries per page which makes Drupal sites slower. WordPress websites tend to have a faster response with lease response time on landing. Even, there is a concern from the WordPress CMS that users can boost their performance as well with the help of available plugins for that purpose. Performance is the crucial factor which you should consider while choosing a better CMS for your new website. WordPress definitely wears the crown in there.

4. WordPress CMS offers the far number of features, free themes, add-ons, and plug-ins than Drupal CMS

Drupal does offer quite a range of free themes and plugins but most of them are too much complex to learn. WordPress CMS offers a wide spectrum of themes, add-ons, and plugins to use where a lot of them are free whereas others are paid. Still, the range you find is unbeatable in comparison to Drupal CMS. WordPress has to offer over 30,000 of plug-ins dedicated to different features boosting or facilitating your website in different areas. There are plugins for SEO, social media compatibility, content management, design and what not. It is must to accept that fact that these enormous pools of exciting free themes and plugins are also the reason for the boon of WordPress.

5. WordPress CMS is Cheaper than Drupal CMS

If you want to make high-end websites with Drupal with beautiful themes and plugins, you have to invest in a professional web developer. It is evident that due to the high complexity of Drupal CMS, you cannot drive such conviction into your website with your own. Then, the maintenance and development expenses with Drupal are also lot to add. WordPress is much cheaper than Drupal whether you want to hire a web developer or not. WordPress gives you better customization and features with low-cost investment. And with a web developer which again charges less in comparison to Drupal, you can do wonders with WordPress without upsetting your pocket.

6. WordPress CMS offer Better SEO features than CMS

Again, WordPress is an easy winner in Drupal vs WordPress competition for SEO features. WordPress provides great optimization even for a beginner website developer or a blogger whereas Drupal is beyond your reach if you are expertise in SEO. WordPress offers various SEO tools as WordPress plugins to manage keywords and SEO compatibility of your blog. There is a great option to manage SEO titles, Meta description, keywords and more to make it more SEO-friendly for search engines. With some more conviction to it, you will find premium SEO tools to make your website stand out in search engine result pages.


Evidently, WordPress CMS is far better than Drupal CMS whether you are a beginner or even a professional. WordPress CMS, at very first is the most popular and largely consumed CMS system right now on the web. 60.4% of the websites right now on the web are using WordPress CMS! Well, that alone explains everything. It is much easier to use, user-friendly, cheaper and high-performance than Drupal. Not to mention, the flexibility where a novice blogger and an expert web developer or blogger can use it with the same conviction and still get their best version of results.


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