5 Trustworthy NGO’s to Sponsor a Child in India

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We human beings are capable of doing anything we wish for; we can create anything, we can change anything. We have a power in ourselves to achieve what we hope and make our future better.

Some of us are stable enough to support our livelihood, financial matters, education, family and health care issues. But speaking realistically, not everyone in the world can sustain their livelihood in economic aspects of their lives.

That is why we need more of such organizations that aim to serve needy people and make their lives simpler. Moreover, we need to focus on child education so that our nation could finally rise above illiteracy and poverty.

Here is the list of 5 trustworthy NGO’s to sponsor a child in India

1. LokKalyanSamiti – More than 60 years old, New Delhi based NGO named LokKalyanSamiti is an organization that has built upon the idea to serve poor people with free health care, affordable “eye care” program and “sponsor a child” program, all under one roof. They take pride in declaring “sponsor a child in India” programwhich has served more than 6,000 children with their education, and livelihood. At NandNagri center, LokKalyanSamiti assists students from nursery to 10th standard. They also focus on other co-curricular activities like dance, music, competitions, street plays, art, and craft. The procedure to sponsor a child in this organization is simple and easy to follow, and the donor can always visit the center.

2. World Vision India – Another very old and trusted NGO of the national capital, named World Vision India intends to strengthen low-income families and their children’s future. This organization visualizes the sponsor a child program as a source of happiness for those abandoned communities of the country that are not supplied healthcare, basic needs, education and proper support. Children of such communities have only seen fewer opportunities and more hardships in life, which tends to create negativity in their minds. World Vision India offers the sponsor a child program for Rs. 800/- per month only. This program will help the toddlers to have access to basic needs and fundamental right to education.

3. AkshayaPatra – A non-profit organization started from Bengaluru, India. Since 2000, this NGO helps the government schools in serving mid-day meals; also they work for the right to education for lower-class children of the society. If a malnutrition child is offered good food and clean water, nourishment, and proper knowledge and teaching, they will be able to stand for their better future as well.

4. Help a Child of India – Another hard working NGO in Chennai sets a goal to help love deprived children in the nation and assist them with their decent livelihood and access to the proper education system. You can conveniently become a donor by donating Rs.600/- every month or Rs.7200/- per year. Each little help to this organization can bring a prosperous change to a needy child’s life.

5. Concern India Foundation – This NGO was built in 1991, working intensely in the areas like health care issues, education, and community development. A reliable foundation works in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. This organization has the “sponsor a child” program of Rs.3000/- that is one time. They also intend to work in areas like women empowerment, community development, and girl child protection.

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