4 Inspection Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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A home inspection is the assessment of the home condition and a quality home inspector will not only help you identify the problems in the house but also provider viable solutions for it. If you are planning to hire a professional home inspector, here are the 4 mistakes that you should avoid.

Not researching the inspector

Many homeowners hire the home inspector that is recommended to them without doing any proper research. The home inspection will be as good as the home inspector. You need to do proper research before making the final selection. Some questions that you should ask the home inspector are:

  • For how many years, the home inspector has been doing the inspections?
  • How many inspection projects have you completed so far?
  • What are your qualifications and training?

Not attending the inspection

It is not mandatory to be present during the home inspection, but it is a smart idea to know all the details of the home inspection. This will help you to understand the inception report in a better way. Many home inspectors ask you to be present during the home inspection process. A home inspection process will take an entire day, so you need to make sure that you set aside the time for it. A good home inspector will also provide the details of the upgrades and repairs so attending the inspection process is beneficial in this regard as well.

Not reading the inspection report

Many buyers and sellers only skim through the inspection report. You need to make sure that the inspector provides the report in clear language that can be easily understood. You can also see the sample reports on different websites to know what to expect from the home inspection report. From electricity to best mold inspection in Redmond WA, a clear report will help you understand all the issues in the property.

Not getting a presale inspection

Some sellers decide to leave the presale inspection to the buyers. By this, you will not have the time to make repairs. This can affect the overall sale price of the house. If the seller completes the home inspection, he will have the time to shop around and control the cost of the repairs. You should find a home inspector before you are listing the house on the market.

Not prepping the home

You need to make sure that you prepare your home for inception before the home inspector arrives at your home. All the corners of the house should be easily accessible for the home inspector. If you have an attic, make sure that it’s clean so that the home inspector can inspect it thoroughly. On the other side, you should have the keys to the basement and shed as the inspector also have to inspect them. No one wants to hire the licensed mold inspection Companies in Redmond WA again for the home inspections, so you should hire the professionals to repair it as soon as the inspection process is completed.

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