2 Types Of Contraceptive Pills And How They Work

Are you sexually active and not yet ready to be pregnant? Many types of birth control are available right now in the market. Most women use the contraceptive pill because of its 100% effectiveness if being used correctly and it is safe and has a lot of benefits aside from pregnancy prevention. So you must consider using a contraceptive pill. However, you should know which pill works best for you in that way you can manage its side effects, and it can’t stop you for your day to day activities.

Contraceptive pills are medications used for preventing pregnancy from occurring. The pill can also help women for their menstruation issues like irregular or heavy period, hormonal acne, and uterine cancer. It is taken orally every day at the same time, and you should not miss a day without taking the pill or else the effectivity of the pill will be gone, and you will get pregnant.

How Does It Work?

The contraceptive pill is useful primarily if it is being used correctly. It would be helpful to use it right when you know how it works to a woman. The pill comes in a pack that is good for 28 days, but there is a pack that is only good for 21 days. You should take one pill every day. There are two types of pill, a combination pill, and the progestin-only pill. They prevent your body from ovulation. If there is no ovulation pregnancy won’t happen because of the ovaries won’t release egg cells every month. It will also thicken the cervical mucus that helps sperm to travel to your uterus. However these works differently. Here are the two types of contraceptive pills.

Combination Pill

It is a combination of medicine that made of synthetic forms of hormones estrogen and progestin. Man makes these. It is being divided into two sets, the first cycle are active and the second cycle is inactive; it does not contain any hormones at all. There are different types of combination pill which are the monophasic pill that can be used in one month cycle and it has the same doses. Multiphasic Pills, it is also good for 30 days; however, the pills do not contain the same amount of hormones.

Extended cycle pills which consist of 13-week cycles and you have to take inactive pills on the last week of the period. Examples of brand names of combination pills that you can buy over the counter are Azurette, Beyaz, Enpresse, Estrostep Fe, Nortrel and more. These pills might cost you a lot especially that you have to take them monthly so you might consider taking advantage of available discounts, voucher or coupons available in pharmacies like nortrel coupon that offers up to 89% discount from its regular prices.

Progestin-Only Pills

It is also called as “mini-pill,” and it is an oral contraceptive that contains substance like hormone progestin. The difference from the combination pill and the mini pill is the mini pill does not contain estrogen. It also differs from the dosage because the mini pill has lowe dosage of progestin compared to the combination pill.

It works almost the same as the combination pill. It also thickens the cervical mucus and the lining in the uterus that prevents the reaching of sperm to the egg. Unlike the combination pill, the mini pill does not consistently stop the ovulation that is why you have to make sure to take the pill every day at the same time for the maximum result.

The mini pill is still recommended even though it has lesser effectivity for breastfeeding moms, if you have health problems and if you are allergic to estrogen. At some point, it still helps in preventing pregnancy once appropriately taken. Examples of brand names for mini pill are Camila, Errin, Heather, Jolivette and more.


Unwanted pregnancy can cause a problem especially if you are not yet ready to be a mother or a parent. Whatever your reasons for not having a baby, however, it is essential that you understand and you know what are the contraceptives you are using. Remember that you also need to take care of your body especially when taking medicines. Know what works best for you and more convenient to use. Nowadays, most people are practicing sex even not married or ready for the result. So if you are sexually active consider taking the best pill for you.


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