Here you will find some things you need to know about your car accident

When we are asked which of the factors influences more when it comes to not having problems to collect compensation for a traffic accident, we usually answer – to the amazement of the respectable – than a correct choice of the center where we carry out the rehabilitation.

And it is that few people know that the health expenses derived from a traffic accident are not covered by Social Security Administration. In fact, if when we go to the emergency service of a hospital we do not complete a form with the information of the insurers, we may find that they end up passing the bill to us.

It happens that of the different concerted centers (adhered to the health care agreement) that exist in each municipality, “the class list” will always appear that, in addition to assuming the prices of the agreement, undertakes to discharge the patients (no confuse discharge with cure) in half the time of the others. Obviously, your insurer – who is ultimately the one who pays the bills – will be very interested in sending you to that center.

If your claim has occurred during working hours or is what is known as an in itinere accident (the one that takes place on the way between your home and your workplace), you should know that you have the right to choose between doing the rehabilitation in your work mutual, or in a clinical center arranged with the insurance company.

Choosing the correct rehabilitation center is essential so that on the one hand you can fully recover from your injuries, and, on the other, to be able to collect fair compensation for your injuries in traffic accidents.

Guilt in a traffic accident

Another important factor to collect compensation in a traffic accident has a lot to do with who was at fault for the accident. This section raises many questions and doubts. The fault in a traffic accident does not work, for compensation purposes, as most imagine. To collect compensation, it is not necessary to prove that the culprit of the accident is someone else, but it is enough that no one can prove that we are the sole culprits of the accident. This may seem the same, but it is not. For example: if at a crossing regulated by traffic lights you have a collision with another vehicle and there are no witnesses and you cannot agree on who had a green or a red light, it will be impossible for you to prove that the other is at fault.

Your insurance does not cover a medical expert

Did you know that your insurance – whatever it is – does not cover a medical expert? We explain to you what is the process that your case is going to do if you do not remedy it: once you have the insurance of the culprit of the traffic accident-proof that you are injured, an expert appraiser from said insurer will contact you. With the new scale, you are obliged to be visited (unless you assume a series of undesirable consequences) by said appraiser.

Obviously, the report that this doctor will prepare will be “downward”, as well as the compensation that the opposite insurance will pass on to him. Faced with this downward offer, your insurance will not be able to resist, since to go to trial with the new scale you need to have an expert who is “on your side”, and as we say, your insurer does not cover it. Therefore, the option of hiring a medical expert should be considered or – even better – arranging the services of a hit and run lawyer that includes in its percentage the lawyer and the valuing medical expert.


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