How to play Geometry dash on Android?

Geometry Dash is an Android Arcade game which is developed by RobTop games. This game is very interesting and you will get addicted to playing this game once. There are many games available for Android, but Geometry dash is one of the best games with various interesting levels at all. Here we will discuss the process how to play Geometry dash on Android easily. Those who already installed and currently playing this game can able to know about it clearly. Rather than that many users are there who do not know the procedure to play this game on their smartphones.

Depending on that situation we are going to discuss the process of download, install and how to play this game on Android. Even we will also hold up the features which are currently available while playing this game on your phone. One thing we want to clear out at first that if you want to install this game officially from Google Play then you need to purchase it with 120 INR. But if you want to download Geometry dash Lite/World then it is free to download for all from Google Play Store.

Process – How to play Geometry dash on Android?

Now it is the time to get know about the process that how can user able to play Geometry dash on Android. This is quite easy to play this game by following the steps given below. Read out the steps and apply the same on your phone to play this game easily.

  • At first, you all need to download and install this game on your phone. After completing the process of installation now it’s the time to play this game.
  • Open the game from the launching icon created on the home screen. Now choose your level or create your custom level in the way you want.
  • Add background music which will continue to start play while you are playing this game.
  • Now after starting this game, you need to jump and fly through-out the danger in the way that the danger will not touch your body. If it gets touched, then your level will end on that spot only.
  • Again you have to restart that level to complete the full run only. You will get very tricky and dangerous passes and obstacles which you need to cross safely for reaching the next level.
  • Moreover, there is no limitation in levels. So you can play this game until the infinite levels always.

Features of Geometry Dash game for Android:

To get know about this game more clearly, the user needs to read out all the features provided by Geometry dash for Android. In the below points we have listed out the total features provide by Geometry dash for the players.

  1. The whole game platform is included with rhythm-based action.
  2. You can avail the infinite number of levels with unique and custom music tracks playing in the game background.
  3. Using the special feature i.e. the level editor you can add the custom level on your game very easily.
  4. To customise the character of the gameplay, you can easily add the new icons and colors to each and every character.
  5. Get the flip gravity action and flying rockets inbuilt on this game.
  6. Before playing this game you can use the practice mode to sharpen the moves and skills.
  7. After completing each level you will get more rewards and achievements trophy too.
  8. More interesting challenges will get to make this Geometry Dash game more interesting.

These are all about how to play Geometry dash game on Android. Hope you all are satisfied with the information which we have given here about the process to play geometry dash on Android. Besides that, we have also given all the detailed features provided by the geometry dash for every player. If you all are satisfied then once try this game and feel the practical experience in playing this arcade game on your phone. If you think that you will not purchase this game then you can also try the free version of this game i.e. the Geometry dash Lite/World.

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