Hot Shot Flea plus, Bug Fogger review

This versatile fogger is one of the finest flea foggers. This is particularly meant for those who arehaving trouble of annoying bed bugs. Thiseffective fogger is as well able toexterminate ticks besides fire ants, hornets, flies, wasps, lice, beetles, mosquitos and many more bugs.Hot shot Flea and Bed bug foggerstops flea re-infestation. This fogger stays active for approximately seven months.Every singlepack comprises three canisters. Its active agent Nylar inhibits fleas from emerging into grown-ups.A single can of this fogger is able to deal with an area of 2,000 cubic feet.The active componentsof the hot shot flea and bed bug fogger comprise: piperonyl butoxide, pyrethrins, plus n-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide.


  • This outstanding flea and bed bug fogger can destroy bedbugs, fleas as well as ticks on interaction
  • Itofferslong-standing effective protection
  • This grasps fleas plusmany other are hidden insects
  • This fogger comprises Nylarin order to help stopbugs from growing into the cruel grown-upphase
  • It can stop flea re-invasion for more than 7 months
  • A two ounce canister of this fogger isable to deal with an area of 2,000 cubicfeet
  • Its active agents are piperonyl butoxide, pyrethrins, plus n-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide.


  • This eliminates bed bugs, fleas as well as lice, ticks and many other bugs
  • It gives protection from flea infestation for around seven months
  • This comes with nylar
  • Inhibits fleas from maturing into the grown-upphase
  • A single can treat 2,000 cu ft. of open area
  • No sticky mess and bad smell


  • The singledisadvantageof Hot Shot Flea and Bed Bug Fogger is that this is deprived of the dry formula employed in the previous foggers. So, you are required to take additional protections while applying this.


Emilysaid, ‘My place is always clean as I’m a germ phobic. The whole thing of my house is practically squeaky-clean. I was pretty surprised while I began getting up from bed every day with very inflamed painful woundsall over my body. When I’m convinced that I have bed bugs, I purchased this best flea fogger. I spray this fogger withexpectations of offloading these tiny monsters. I applied this in every single corner, cranny and crevice, throughout my mattress, walls. I shutevery windowthroughadhesive tape. Then I stayed away from my house or 10 hours. When I get back I cleaned up everybed sheets. Noodorotherwise any signof using fogger was visible. I’m glad to mention that it’s been four days of the treatment and I found no bugs.’

Another customer said, ‘This producteliminated the bedbug inhabitants from a room. Any exterior this fog strokes disturbs the bug population. But, you may have to imitate treatment more than a few times for better result. You also mustconfirm that clothes areremoved from cupboards, shelves, also drawers completely.Thencover them in a plastic bag earlierapplying the fogger. Also use gloves. Confirmthat all things are washed earlierkeeping back into operation. I’ve followed all the instructions. I abandoned the treatment area for 4 hours. Ten aired the room well before returning.I found deadbed bugs.It really works.’

Tim said, ‘This fogger works.You need to apply thistime and again or weekly at best.You also have to disassemble box spring, clean wardrobe, bedclothes, and drapesperiodically. This is a persistent task. I had bed bug problem from last June. I can’t stand these insects. Hot Shot’s flea plus bed bug foggerisveryuseful. Besides it isextremelyinexpensive.Consequently you are able todeal with the incursion pretty easily.’


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