Common Mistakes by Newbies When They go for a Protein Shake

We come across thousands of blogging website telling us how protein shakes can help us in various ways and how they are beneficial, after reading such blogs a rookie; without any further research visits an online shopping website and orders a protein shake.
We must understand that every supplement has its own benefit and these shakes are taken according to body types and shape you want to achieve for your body.

Today, we will be going through some common mistakes every newbie does, read them and make sure to stop repeating them if you are doing any of these:

Stop Making a Cocktail

The most common mistake is overloading your protein shake with almost everything: milk, almond butter, fruits etc. Adding too many ingredients will increase the calorie count for no good reason – you want muscles not belly, your protein shake already have enough proteins so don’t bother to add nearly everything in it.
Make it simple and add low sugar ingredients or ask your gym instructor for a protein plan.

Don’t Fly High

Don’t be disappointed but there guys who think they can copy the diet plans of professional athletes and end up with a body like them but the truth is by going for additional calories may increase your waist line and you will end up as sumo wrestler.
Make sure your take around 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day and ask your instructor about the pre and post workout shakes.

Who Needs a Natural Diet?

Well, we all have heard this from newbies, they believe that protein shakes is all they need in their life and they can compromise their natural diet. The truth is natural diet is essential for muscle growth, professional bodybuilders have a different diet plan for literally every single day of the week. It helps them to fulfill the body requirements and obviously get muscles by consuming low fat products.

Know what you are taking

A lot of people seems to neglect the fact that everyone has a different body type, one protein powder may work for one but not for other. Sometimes it works great for one and causes allergy for others. So be wise when going for any supplement – read the ingredients of the supplement carefully and if you have some medical issues do consult your doctor before taking any of the supplement. It’s better to be careful than sorry. Going through a long list of ingredients can be a hassle sometimes but it’s worth it. Better be safe than sorry because there might be some ingredients that you are allergic to or you don’t want those in your supplements.

While you are taking any supplement, notice your body changes and look for any side effects, if you are experiencing something unusual like allergies, respiratory problems or digestive problems. Stop taking the supplement immediately and consult your doctor.

Just Remember

  • Protein shakes plays a vital role in body building but choose your supplements wisely.
  • Protein shakes are not the same, read the ingredients and go for the one which will meet your aims.
  • Talk to experts about supplements which will be best for your body type.
  • Protein powder are not substitutes for food, eat a proper natural diet.
  • When using a protein powder make sure you have some physical activities otherwise it will only give you a big belly.

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