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How Can You Sell Your Firearms Online Legally?

Firearms Online

Should you want to sell your firearms online, you need to approach a legally authorized platform. Familiarize yourself with existing gun laws beforehand, to avoid placing yourself in a risky position. The safest option is to contact an authorized dealer…

How the Basel Risk Quant had to be Reevalueted

Basel Risk

Like every other event in the world, The Bank for International Settlements’ (BIS) annual meeting, which takes traditionally place in Basel, will have to be organized under the new strict rules that the COVID-19 pandemic empowered. In 2019, during the 89th meeting, we…

Understanding GIS Mapping in the Oil and Gas Industry

GIS Mapping

As technology becomes more advanced, the oil and gas industry is also beginning to take advantage of new technologies. However, some of these technologies, including the geographic information system (GIS), require some level of expertise, training, and software know-how. Companies…

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