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With smartphones becoming more sophisticated and popular every passing day, it’s important to remember that, just like PCs and laptops, there are also various digital dangers lurking around the mobile devices. Being an employer, a concerned parent or a spouse, you would always want to stay abreast of the people around you to make sure they are safe and not being a target of cyber bullying or harassment.

Xnspy is an app that does this complicated job in an effortless way. The app offers painless compatibility with all iOS devices. It is convenient to navigate and it offers a variety of monitoring features to its users.


Before we get into what exactly the Xnspy spyware app for iPhone offers its users, let’s first discussits pricing. The app is not available on the Apple Store, but it can be purchased from its official website The company provides users with two subscription packages: Basic and Premium. The users can subscribe to these packages for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions.

As the name suggests, the Basic package is meant for some primary features like monitoring call history and text messages. You subscribe to this package by paying as low as $8.33 per month.
The Premium package is meant for advanced monitoring. It offers all the basic as well as signature features like ambient recording and social media messengers monitoring. Its price starts from $12.50 per month which is quite affordable considering that many apps in the market are charging as high as $60 for a month’s service.

On the whole,Xnspy is a good value for money.

Set up and Compatibility:

One of the conundrum faced by the developers is the jailbreak because it’s not possible to install third-party apps on iOS devices otherwise. Xnspy also offers two separate versions of the app to address this difficulty. So when you visit their website for subscription, you will see two different versions for iPhone users:

1. iCloud/ No-Jailbreak Edition

The No-Jailbreak edition does not require manual installation or jailbreaking the device. You would just need the iCloud credentials of the target phone and the app will start monitoring. Moreover, this version supports the all the previous as well as the latest iOS 11.2.

2. Jailbreak Edition

The latter version is for the jailbreak iPhones and it needs manual installation. But this version of theapp is very easy to set up and takes around 5-7 minutes.If you are opting for this version of the app, you will need access to the target iPhone. Almost everything you need is provided by the Xnspy in your email, including your login credentials to log into the app. The app size is small and you don’t need more than 5MBs of space on the target phone if you are setting up the jailbreak version.
In the end, make sure that the target phone has the internet access.

Navigation and Interface:

Despite the unassuming look, the app interface pretty much explains all the right features. When you log into the app through the web portal, the main Dashboard screen appears. The app squeezes a lot of information into the main menu. But accessing all the information is not a nuisance. In fact, access to most of the features is mostly one or two clicks away.

On the main screen, you will see a list of features on the left side. You can select any feature to see the related information on the right side of the screen. Navigating between different features is not a problem as all the information is displayed on the single window.


Xnspy spyware app for iPhonecomes with a handful of features that should make monitoring an iPhone a lot easier. The main attraction is the app’s ability to remotely control the target phone without physically accessing it. It can remotely record your surrounding by simply giving a command through your account. You can also remotely lock the target device if it is lost or you feel it is in unsafe hands.

The app has a location monitoring tool that allows you to view the location history of the target phone. You are provided with the location information in the form of a log and you can check this through the account. You can only imagine how helpful this feature alone could be for those that aren’t physically able to monitor their loved ones.

There are also benefits beyond the location monitoring. It offers several other features, such as viewing the list of installed apps on the target phone, seeing all the appointments and calendar activities, and viewing all the saved contacts on the phone.

Another useful feature in the Apple iPhone monitoring app is ‘Watchlist’. If you do not want your phone to be constantly filled with a list of email notifications, you might be able to select the information that you receive so that they don’t interrupt your day. You can enter specific contacts, words, or location you want to be notified about in the ‘Watchlist’. The app will provide you instant notification when that specific information is shared on the phone.

Should I buy Xnspy Spyware app for iPhone? (Conclusion)

The Xnspy can be among the most reliable monitoring apps for the iPhone. It boasts accurate location reporting, improves tracking and negates load on the phone by offering seamless compatibility. And that’s without even mentioning the extra features it provides for iPhone users and the potential it has to help those who are currently physically unable to monitor their loved ones. The only downside? Perhaps they should offer multiple device monitoring on a single subscription to avoid the hassle of multiple subscriptions.


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