5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Front Door

‘First impression is the last impression’. Everybody here is well aware of this quote and the underlying meaning beneath it. Likewise, your home front door or entrance is the first and by far the most important thing to notice. Every time you have guests coming and leaving, the last thing they contemplate is your front door. So you should renovate or restyle your front door or entrance to make an impression.

Most people pay attention to their backyard and lawns, they install effective garden cleaning methods but do not focus much on the main entrance to the house itself. Don’t be one of those people.
Try out the following ideas.

Glass Paneling

Adding some glass paneling in your front doorways gives you some extra lightening in daytimes and adds some attraction or glossy feel to your doors. One important factor to consider this option is the sunlight direction. If your front door faces the sunlight most of the time then this is not a suitable choice because this will make your house hot during the day, whereas it is a good idea for houses having not enough lightening during the day.

Front Door Colour

Many of you have been to the situations when someone says, “My door colour is yellow”. This statement is evident that door colour plays a significant role in defining style and personality of your front door. Door colour depends upon the exterior and well as the interior hallway of your house. If your house exterior has dull colours like pale white or grey-silver then using some bright colour like orange, yellow or purple etc is an excellent choice. Similarly, if your house interior is bright i.e. rust or yellow coloured walls then white is a good option for door colour.

Add some Plants

If your house exterior is dull for example, just a white door without any glass paneling or metal works, then a suitable option to add some plants and greenery outside the door. Placing some plant containers of different materials like terracotta or wood just etches out the beauty and glamour of your front door. Adding some red geraniums, rosemary, evergreens or some tuberose flowers greet your guests with a wonderful fragrance and alluring colours.

Wooden Walkway

This option is well suitable for house exteriors loaded with nature. If your home front has plants at both sides of the front doorway then a good option is to make a wooden walkway using a bunch of tightly fitted wooden planks instead of using just a single wooden pavement. These vibrant shades of wood bring life to your front door when being surrounded by some lush green plants. A good option is to choose wooden front door as well with shades totally identical with the wooden walkway planks.

Keep Symmetry

Every person out there agrees with the fact that symmetry is striking. Apply the same fact to your house front decoration. You can use some door hangings, floral arrangements, postcards and other similar catchy art pieces but keep them symmetric on both sides. You can arrange plants on both sides of your doorway but try to keep plants of the same type, flowerpots of same colour and height at both sides of the entrance. Just apply this tip and wait for the compliments you will get from your guests.

Nuur Hasan
Nuur Hasan

Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.

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